Biomass pellet machine boosts development of renewable fuels

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   Biomass pellet fuel mainly comes in the form of pellets, rods, and blocks. Granular form is generally suitable for households, small and medium-sized power plants, and boilers. According to industry statistics, the sales volume of granular products at home and abroad is now higher than that of rod-shaped and block-shaped products.Rod-shaped and block-shaped products are generally suitable for large power plants,boiler plants, etc. First, develop renewable energy. New industries can expand employment  and promote economic and social development. Secondly, renewable energy in rural areas can be developed and utilized according to local conditions, which can increase farmers' income and accelerate rural development. It can also protect the environment. Biomass pellets are renewable resources and can improve my country's deteriorating ecological environment.

    The biomass fuel produced and processed by the biomass pellet machine has low ash, sulfur and nitrogen content. It is a renewable fuel with clean burning, high efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving characteristics, and can indirectly replace coal, oil, electricity, natural gas and other energy sources. The raw materials for biomass pellet  machines are produced in large quantities every year and can be recycled everywhere.The biomass pellet machine equipment is small in size, does not require carbonization and drying equipment, does not require steam, saves investment, reduces the floor space, and makes a great contribution to my country's environmental purification.

      It can be seen that the biomass pellet machine is deeply loved by users in the market. It can use almost discarded wood chips, sawdust and other raw materials, and can also press it into energy-saving and environmentally friendly pellets. Not only can you use it yourself,  but you can also sell the pellets. Isn’t it the best of both worlds? Therefore, the development of biomass pellet machines not only promotes the renewable resources,  but also promotes the development of our economy and good projects for people to start  their own businesses. Henan Tengyu Machinery has been well received by new and old  customers and encourages colleagues who are interested in biomass energy.