Disc crusher

Disc crusher

A disc crusher, also known as a disc granulator or pan granulator, is a type of equipment used for 

compacting and shaping materials into small, rounded discs or pellets. This machinery is commonly employed 

in the fertilizer and chemical processing industries for granulating powdery materials into a more easily 

handled and transportable form. Here are key features and components associated with disc crushers:

Disc crusher

Product Details

1. Disc Assembly:

– The disc crusher consists of a rotating disc or a series of interlocking discs mounted on a central shaft. The discs have a specific shape and arrangement to facilitate the granulation process.

2. Adjustable Disc Angle:
– Some disc crushers allow for the adjustment of the disc angle. Changing the angle can influence the size and density of the produced pellets.

3. Disc Size and Design:
– The size and design of the discs play a crucial role in determining the characteristics of the final product. Different disc configurations can be used for various materials and granulation requirements.

4. Disc Rotation Speed:
– The speed at which the discs rotate affects the granulation process. Adjustable rotation speeds allow for control over the size and quality of the produced pellets.

5. Spraying System (Optional):
– Some disc crushers may include a spraying system for adding binders or liquid additives to the material during the granulation process.

6. Feed Inlet:
– The feed inlet is where the raw material is introduced into the disc crusher for granulation. The material is typically in a powdered or fine form.

7. Discharge Chute:
– The discharge chute facilitates the removal of the finished pellets from the machine. It directs the pellets to a collection point or downstream processing equipment.

8. Base and Frame:
– The base and frame provide structural support for the disc crusher and house the rotating discs and associated components.

9. Power Source:
– Disc crushers are powered by electricity and are typically driven by an electric motor. The power source may vary based on the specific design and application.

Disc crushers are commonly used for:

– Fertilizer Production: Granulating powdered or fine materials to produce fertilizer pellets.
– Chemical Processing: Shaping and compacting chemical powders for easier handling and transportation.
– Minerals and Metallurgy: Processing various materials in the minerals and metallurgy industries.

When operating a disc crusher, it’s important to follow safety guidelines and adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Proper maintenance, including routine inspections and lubrication, is crucial to ensure the efficient and reliable operation of the equipment.