Mobile integrated crusher

Mobile integrated crusher

A mobile integrated crusher, also known as a mobile integrated crushing and screening plant, 

is a type of mobile crushing equipment that integrates the processes of feeding, crushing, 

screening, and conveying in one machine. This type of equipment is commonly used in the construction, mining, 

and recycling industries for on-site crushing and

 screening of various materials. Here are key features and components associated with mobile integrated crushers:

Mobile integrated crusher

Product Details

1. Mobile Chassis:
– The crusher is mounted on a mobile chassis, allowing it to be easily transported to different worksites. The chassis may have wheels or tracks for mobility.

2. Feeding System:
– A feeding system, often equipped with a vibrating feeder, facilitates the controlled and continuous supply of raw materials into the crusher.

3. Crusher Unit:
– The crusher unit is the core component responsible for crushing the raw materials. Depending on the application, it could be a jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, or another type of crushing machine.

4. Screening Unit:
– A screening unit is integrated into the mobile crusher to separate and classify the crushed materials based on size. This is crucial for producing the desired final product.

5. Conveying System:
– Conveyors are used to transport the crushed and screened materials from one stage to another within the integrated system. They ensure a continuous flow of materials through the various processes.

6. Power System:
– The mobile integrated crusher is typically powered by a diesel engine or connected to an external power source. The power system provides energy for the crusher, screening unit, and other components.

7. Control Panel:
– A control panel allows operators to monitor and control the different functions of the mobile integrated crusher, such as adjusting the crusher settings, managing the feeding process, and controlling the conveyor systems.

8. Generator Set (Optional):
– Some mobile crushers come with an integrated generator set to provide power when operating in locations without access to external power sources.

9. Dust Suppression System (Optional):
– To minimize dust emissions, some mobile crushers include a dust suppression system that can be activated during the crushing and screening processes.

10. Remote Control (Optional):
– Certain models may offer remote control capabilities, allowing operators to manage the crusher and screening processes from a distance, enhancing safety and convenience.

Mobile integrated crushers offer advantages such as flexibility, efficiency, and cost savings by eliminating the need for multiple pieces of equipment and reducing transportation costs between sites. They are suitable for processing various materials, including aggregates, minerals, and construction waste, in diverse working environments. Regular maintenance and adherence to safety protocols are crucial for the optimal performance of mobile integrated crushers.